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Entertainments in UAE

In the UAE, entertainment is guaranteed to everyone on any day of the week and at any time of the year. It hosts a huge number of large-scale entertainment events, international competitions, exhibitions, concerts and interesting events.

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It doesn't matter when you decide to come to the United Arab Emirates, whether you are a tourist or a local. The entertainment industry in this country operates 365 days a year. In just 10-15 years, the United Arab Emirates has built so many theme parks, concert venues, sports arenas, museums, attractions and theaters that people from all over the world tend to come here to relax. Now we can say that the UAE has collected all the wonders of the world and even more, having managed in a short time to make their country even more attractive for travelers than before.

The United Arab Emirates has its own Louvre, Disneyland, Bollywood, Legoland, MotiongateTM Dubai, where you can participate in the most popular cinematic adventures from the three largest Hollywood film studios - DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Studios and Lionsgate. And that's not all!

Formula 1 races are now constantly held in the UAE. For a sports event of this scale and level, the Emirates has allocated a separate island. A race track, a Ferrari World theme park, a Formula 1 museum, fashionable hotels, and a marina were built on it. World celebrities and show business stars often perform on this island, the best discos of the Middle East and grandiose concerts are held.

The United Arab Emirates organizes such international exhibitions, which, all 12 months of the year, gather thousands of representatives of various business sectors, the world's largest corporations, scientists and politicians. In the Opera Theater, which has recently appeared in the UAE, new seasons are opened by the best singers of the planet and famous ballet companies, theater premieres, popular musicals and performances. The Emirates also hosts the world's most expensive horse races. The winners of the races receive hundreds of millions of dollars as prizes.

Among the everyday entertainment for the whole family, it is worth noting the famous water park of the Atlantis Hotel, one of the five largest water and entertainment parks in the world. The observation deck of the tallest skyscraper of the Earth "Khalifa Towers" and a giant photo frame, from which 150-meter high, through the transparent floor, open stunning views, deserve special attention. In the UAE, several reserves have been created, where rare animals and birds live in the wild. The largest mosque in the world, named by the first president of the country, Sheikh Zayed, is open for visits. The former palaces of the Emirati sheikhs have been turned into functioning museums where you can touch the origins of this country.

As for water activities, there are so many of them in the Emirates that there are not enough fingers and toes to count. The exotic adds local flavor in the form of sands, camels, national clothes, Emirati traditions, spice and gold markets, an abundance of seafood, warm sea, hookahs and belly dancing.

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