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UAE is the safety place

The United Arab Emirates is one of the safest countries in the world. In the UAE, the police closely monitor the observance of order and suppress the slightest offenses. Law enforcement officers are on duty 24/7 on city streets, in tourist sites, on beaches, in hotels, on highways and in educational institutions.

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Round-the-clock video surveillance is carried out at large urban facilities and in sleeping areas. Airports, seaports, hotels and shopping centers are under the scrutiny of the Emirati police. During the holidays, there are many more road patrols, in places of mass recreation of people on such days there are more police officers than usual.

On the streets of the UAE, you cannot meet drunk passers-by, fighting or loudly sorting out people. At the car parks, drivers do not arrange fights due to lack of free space. Drivers do not leave cars anywhere and do not argue with the traffic police. The fines for this in the UAE are very high. There are also few drunks driving on the Emirates roads, in such cases severe punishments are applied here. Foreign tourists are allowed to drink alcohol in hotel bars and restaurants, purchase in duty-free shops and in the UAE. All you need to do is to have your passport and be over 21 years old. However, it is the foreigners who drink alcohol that often become heroes of crime stories. Such incidents do not occur frequently in the Emirates. Muslims in the UAE are prohibited from drinking alcohol, violators are severely punished.

The road infrastructure of the Arab Emirates is controlled by the police. A network of video surveillance cameras runs along the busiest highways and roads of small settlements. Radars are installed on all highways, traffic offenders are caught using the latest intelligent tracking devices. The fines for such violations are large. It is not uncommon for vehicles to be confiscated from them, taking them to fines, and even confiscating cars. Not a single fine remains unpaid, tourists have to pay them right before departure at the airport. The centralized system allows you to control the movement of people within the country, it is connected with police stations and checkpoints at the borders.

Walking along the night streets of the UAE, you don't have to worry about hooligans attacking. A casual passer-by will not snatch a bag or phone out of your hands, and a wallet or computer forgotten in a taxi will be returned to you. The Emirati police are equipped with a fleet of the world's fastest vehicles. In the service of the UAE police, robots recently took over, which systematize data, keep order in shopping centers and explain to passers-by in several languages ​​how to get to or anyplace.

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