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Shopping in United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a true shopping paradise. Here, under the roofs of modern shopping centers, you can find thousands of brands from all over the world.

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Despite the huge number of malls in the United Arab Emirates, most buyers prefer Dubai. This city is chosen as the best trading platform by famous fashion houses, famous designers, couturiers, well-promoted and new brands to present their new collections. Abu Dhabi also offers excellent shopping. However, the capital of the UAE has not yet been visited by so many foreign tourists.

Shopping in UAE
Shopping in UAE
The UAE managed to create such conditions so that the process of buying and searching for absolutely any product was profitable, comfortable for the buyer and turned into a pleasure. For this, magnificent shopping centers with cinemas, restaurants, attractions, ice arenas, zoos, aquariums, musical fountains and even ski slopes have been built. You can spend the whole day in them with the whole family - adults and children will definitely not be bored.

In addition to comfort, the United Arab Emirates guarantees customers such low prices for brands that are not found in any other country in the world. And this applies not only to last year's collections, but also to the most relevant ones. This was achieved by building a whole system of year-round discounts and shopping festivals. It should be noted that no fakes for brands are sold in the Emirati shopping centers. There are simply no counterfeit goods in stores operating on their territory. There are no pseudo-sales in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Trade festivals are held several times a year, where discounts can sometimes reach 70-90%. At the same time, grandiose discounts are provided not only for very expensive things, but also for goods of the middle price range and those that are affordable for every customer. Periodically, large-scale sales are organized in exhibition centers, where products from last year's season are sold. There are many discount centers operating in the country. They also sell real branded goods.

The municipalities control the entire trade process from start to finish. The city authorities issue permits for holding sales, and the minimum amounts of allowed discounts are also centrally set. The municipalities, in cooperation with international brands and manufacturers, constantly monitor the appearance of any counterfeit on the local market. Violators are severely punished, ranging from heavy fines to imprisonment. Inspectors constantly check even small shops, look at local markets, arrange checks at wholesalers and factories. It is unlikely that there are many people who want to end up in jail or pay with a large sum of money in pursuit of momentary profit.

In addition to shopping, the UAE is attractive as a holiday destination with year-round sun, clear sea, perfect sandy beaches and the highest level of service. No other country in the world will be able to surround you with such care and attention, such hospitality and joy as in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, be sure to take a closer look at the UAE before choosing a country for a vacation trip or shopping. In the United Arab Emirates, you can combine business with pleasure and save money on literally everything - from the cost of hotel rooms, excursions and restaurants to shopping. Moreover, Russians do not need visas to travel to this wonderful and mysterious Arab country.

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