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Weather in UAE

The UAE is a land of eternal summer, the sun shines here for 365 days, and it rains only in a few days. For almost the entire year, the daytime air temperature does not drop below 30 degrees.

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An exception may be one or two weeks of February, when, due to precipitation, the air can cool in the daytime to plus 15-17. But this happens very rarely - once every five to ten years. Typical weather for the United Arab Emirates is a sky without clouds and bright sun.

It's almost always sunny in the UAE
It's almost always sunny in the UAE

There is no winter at all in the UAE. All three winter months are very warm here, gardens bloom and birds sing. The air temperature in December, January and February is plus 25 -35. The Emirati autumn is characterized by the same comfortable weather with a temperature range from 25 to 40 degrees Celsius. In spring in the UAE, the air temperature begins to rise gradually and at the end of April it can reach 45 degrees.

Almost all year round in the UAE, the sea water warms up to about 30 degrees. In the warm Emirati winter, the sea can be quite cool in the early morning - plus 20-22. In summer, on the contrary, it is better to swim in the early morning, when the water has not yet completely warmed up. For those who prefer swimming pools, the water in them is cooled or heated, depending on the season and the wishes of the vacationers. There are swimming pools in all hotels along the coast, as well as in almost all those away from the sea. Depending on the number of stars, hotels have 2-5 or more pools of various sizes, including pools for children and adults.

The best time to travel to the UAE is from October to April. The weather has been great all these months. You can swim, sunbathe and be in the fresh air all day long. Almost summer heat begins in May, and the relative humidity increases. From June to August it gets very hot - during the day it can be above 45, at night 30-35. With high humidity, which is typical for this country, the temperature is felt several degrees higher. Sometimes in the summer in the UAE, the thermometer rises to plus 49.5 degrees. But this is very rare. During the summer heat, local residents and tourists are saved by air conditioners, which are installed absolutely everywhere, including public transport stops. In the summer, the coolest places in the UAE are mountainous regions. In the mountains it is usually cooler by a few degrees, but in summer, refrain from trips and hikes in the mountains.

Don't forget that the best hours for sun and sea bathing are before 11 am and after 3 pm. Be sure to apply sunscreen to your body and face. When arriving in the UAE, limit your exposure to the sun for the first 2-3 days, otherwise there is a high probability of getting a sunburn. Try to drink more plain water, wear sunglasses and a hat. Protect children well from the sun and make sure they do not overheat. Do not stay in direct sunlight for a long time. Due to the high solar activity in the United Arab Emirates, you can get heatstroke even in the shade. It is better to choose sunscreen with protection 30-50 in summer and at least 20 in winter. Especially if you haven't been in the sun for a long time. Relax wisely, enjoy sandy beaches, clear sea and first-class service in the UAE.

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